File Manager
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Microsoft File Transfer Manager

Developer Microsoft

Microsoft File Transfer Manager is an efficient program whose main purpose is to facilitate large file transfer by ...

File Extension Manager

Developer xFX JumpStart

File Extension Manager allows you to know and modify the extension of any file directly with right click with ...

Mywe File Manager

Developer Feng Qiao Software

Mywe File Manager is a desktop menu-based application for browsing folders. A manu-based interface can ...

Music Finder File Manager

Developer Jørgen Sørensen

Music Finder File Manager is a program for managing records in the Music Finder Files for Yamaha keyboards. The ...

ZOOM Audio File Manager

Developer ZOOM Corporation

When the MRS-series are connected to the computer via a USB link, the Audio File Manager can perform the following functions: -MRS-1044 ...

GMX File Storage Manager

Developer GMX Internet Services Inc.

The GMX File Storage Manager allows your PC and your GMX File Storage to exchange data via the Internet. ...

Advanced File Manager

Developer AdvexSoft LLC

Advanced File Manager allows easy monitor the disk space usage on your local and network computers and servers, ...

BearShare Download Manager

Developer Free MP3 News

Manage your BearShare downloads and easily browse your file collection. BearShare Download Manager has been ...

Windows Hosts File Manager

Developer Basil Goldman

Using Windows Hosts File Manager application you can edit HOSTS file, add and delete some configurations in that file. Windows Hosts ...


Developer Helmsman

Forget ill-thought Windows Explorer and get Frigate 3 - the right file manager with Total Commader plugins support, folder synchronizer, MP3 tag ...


Developer GleamTech

FileVista is a web file manager for storing, managing and sharing files online through your web browser. It is a web based software ...

SurF File Manager

Developer Sergey Vlasov

SurF is an innovative free, open source Windows (XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7) file manager that offers ...

Control Freak

Developer Windswept Software

A File Manager that incorporates several other applets into one seamless application. You get an Explorer like file manager, a ...

Plus Utilita Archive 7-Zip File Manager

Developer 7-Zip Modificato da OnePiece Albania

AdvexSoft - Advanced File Manager

Developer AdvexSoft

Useful File & Disk Management toolbox. Effective Explorer replacement.